Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why Hello there!

 Hi! Just stopping by for a quick sec to say that yes, im still alive! Things are so busy for me right now and have been for the past couple of months. I was finishing up school for the year and getting things ready for baby. Baby is now here- and it was a boy! Austin is super sweet and cuddly and we are loving him to pieces! Because ive been so busy we havent been doing much fun extra stuff right now. Nothing blog-worthy at least ;) Or im too busy to be taking pictures of anything that might be. Ha! But i'll be back as soon as i do! For now here's a pic of the newest one... hes 3 weeks old today!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Art Journal: Bubble Wrap Print

 The kids did another craft in their art journals recently! Bubble wrap prints. I saw this idea here. So easy to do!
You only need bubble wrap and paint (we used watercolors).

First, paint the bubble wrap (i cut theirs into rectangles small enough to fit in their journals).

Then flip the bubble wrap over onto the paper and press lightly, without moving the bubble wrap. That's it! Here's how they came out:



They were oohing and ahhing when we pulled the bubble wrap up haha. Very cool!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Playdoh, Spaghetti and Beads: Working on Patterns and Small Motor Skills

 A quick post to show you a patterning activity i did recently with my kindergartener, Brianna. And a small motor activity for my 2 year old.

Brianna already knows how to complete patterns really well but i knew she would still enjoy this activity. And she did.

I saw this idea on one of my favorite blogs, The Imagination Tree. I stuck some uncooked spaghetti into a wad of playdoh and i started some patterns onto the spaghetti with beads. And she figured out and finished the patterns on her own-

 So easy and fun. Would be a fun activity for a child learning patterns. They might not even know they are learning ;)

AND it's a great small motor activity for younger ones as well! I obviously didn't work on patterns with Makenna since she's still young, but i let her choose beads to poke through the spaghetti to work those small motor skills ;)

Have a blessed day!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Our First Art Journal Craft! William Wegman Picture

 Recently i bought my oldest two kiddos spiraled sketch pads from  Joann's because i've been wanting to have them start art journals!! Im excited about these! The ones i found were the perfect size. Here are the ones i liked. Not too big, not too small.

They were $10 a piece but with 2 coupons i got both for $11 :) I had the kids write their names on the front and decorate with stickers, so we easily know whose is whose.

The first art project they made for their journal was a William Wegman picture.
"William Wegman is a photographer famous for his compositions with his Weimaraner dogs. His fascination with humanizing his animals has created hundreds of amazing videos and photographs. I like his book shown here as it shows the dogs in many everyday poses."

We found this book by him, at our local library.$_35.JPG

I had seen this post on Art Projects For Kids and totally stole her idea ;) On that post she created a composite of Weimaraner head photos that you can print and use. And that's what i did. I printed out a sheet of the heads and let Connor and Brianna use their imagination and draw real people bodies onto the dog heads. They thought this was silly. Here's what they came up with-

Brianna's (my kindergartener)-

Connor's (my 2nd grader)-

So silly, right? I have lots of art ideas pinned on Pinterest and will make sure to share them with all of you as we do them!

Friday, March 21, 2014

50 Free Things to do With Your Kids This Spring

1. Play in the rain
2. Bird watch
4. Dig for worms
5. Do something nice for the Earth (clean your yard/neighborhood, use less water etc)
6. Measure a rainfall (use a clear measuring cup?)
7. Pick flowers
8. Lie under a tree
9. Feed ducks
10. Make mud sculptures
11. Visit a pond or stream and see what life you can find
12. Roll down a hill
13. Fly a kite
14. Go on a rainbow hunt
15. Jump in puddles
16. Ride bikes
17. Hopscotch
18. Stargaze
19. Play board games on the porch or deck
20. Nature walk
21. Swing at the park
22. Family spring cleaning
23. Eat breakfast or dinner outside
24. Blow bubbles (google a homemade bubble solution)

25. Make paper airplanes and fly them outside
26. Flashlight tag in the dark
27. Write a note, put it in a sealed container and throw it in the water. See if you ever get a response. (Or put a note in a balloon and let it go)
28. Play frisbee
29. Make and bury a time capsule
30. Paint outside walls, sheds, garden fences with paintbrushes and water.
31. Skip rocks
32. Wash the car
33. Play soccer
34. Clean out and organize the garage/shed
35. Listen to classical music while drawing/coloring
36. Pull weeds
37. Go fishing
38. Catch a butterfly
39. Walk on the beach (and search for rocks/shells)
40. Wash the windows
41. Have a spring tea party outside with favorite stuffed friends
42. Shadow puppets
43. Have a storytime outside
44. Eat dessert for breakfast
45. Draw self portraits
46. Play Would you Rather?
47. Put on a silly fashion show (with silly outfits of course)
48. Make a watercolor resist picture - draw with crayons first, then paint over with watercolors.
49. Play Red Light, Green Light
50. Sleep in a different bed or room than you usually do

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brianna's Frozen Party

 Brianna turned 6 on Saturday. Crazy! We are big Frozen fans. But Brianna especially. When i mentioned a Frozen party she said "yes yes!!" So that's what we did! 

(links at the bottom)


I found all the printables for free! The banner, water bottle labels, straw flags, cupcake holders and toppers were all from here.

The idea for the snowman pieces (pretzel sticks, baby carrots, raisins) was from here.

Snowman popcorn idea here.

Pin the Nose on Olaf was from here. But the noses here.

The plates and napkins i bought online. (FYI they were one of the only places i could find them for a decent price and in stock!)

I used christmas wrapping paper for the tables. Along with tablecloths from the dollar tree.

I used miscellaneous christmas ornaments/decorations for the rest!

She had alot of fun :)

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