Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brianna's Frozen Party

 Brianna turned 6 on Saturday. Crazy! We are big Frozen fans. But Brianna especially. When i mentioned a Frozen party she said "yes yes!!" So that's what we did! 

(links at the bottom)


I found all the printables for free! The banner, water bottle labels, straw flags, cupcake holders and toppers were all from here.

The idea for the snowman pieces (pretzel sticks, baby carrots, raisins) was from here.

Snowman popcorn idea here.

Pin the Nose on Olaf was from here. But the noses here.

The plates and napkins i bought online. (FYI they were one of the only places i could find them for a decent price and in stock!)

I used christmas wrapping paper for the tables. Along with tablecloths from the dollar tree.

I used miscellaneous christmas ornaments/decorations for the rest!

She had alot of fun :)


  1. Thanks for linking to my site! I would love to feature your Frozen party on Inspired By Dis; please check my site for submission instructions if you're interested.

  2. Precious party Rebecca! Thank your mentioning my site! (Oh my fiesta!) :)


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